It’s time to move and you’re ready. You’ve scouted the perfect home upgrade to the starter one you’ve invested in a few years ago. Or you’ve decided to downgrade since the kids are gone and your nest is running empty. Whatever your reason for choosing to start over, once you’ve made up your mind, you want to get on with it and make a clean break. You probably looked for a real estate agent to help you list your house among the million other listed houses begging for a buyer. You pray someone is looking to buy at your exact location. Wishing. Hoping.


Listing your house would need money for doing a rehab: replacing damaged materials, updating the house design, improving the exterior appeal, getting new appliances, etc. After that’s done, there’s the waiting game. Then negotiations with prospective buyers on more upgrades and design overhaul. There’s even a chance the buyer backs out after encountering financing problems. But hey, there’s an alternative and it just might be the solution to your “moving on” dilemma – you can sell to a real estate investor.


You might have heard of a home investor for the first time in your life. What’s the difference between him and the agent one? Well, the agent is the middle man, the negotiator between the owner and the buyer and earns commissions for brokering the deal. The Investor on the other hand is the BUYER. Besides dealing directly with a buyer, here are more advantages to selling your home to an investor:

  1. FAST TRANSACTION. Doing open houses, listing on newspapers, online forums and signing up with a realtor for a minimum 6 months agreement is really really time-consuming. As more time goes by and newer, cheaper houses are built, your house gets fewer attention. It’s highly unlikely that you get the full market price you were hoping for. With an investor, you get a speedy deal.

The ACP Home Investment Difference:

Once you signed the contract to sell, ACP will take care of everything. It could take as fast as two weeks and it’s done. You have cash in hand.

  1. NO NEED TO INVEST MORE MONEY ON YOUR HOME. Rehab costs, staging, open houses, ads on a home you want to let go. It’s illogical. You’d want to spend that kind of money on your NEW home.

The ACP Home Investment Difference: They will take your home as is.

  1. AVOID FORECLOSURE. It’s a race for time and you just might not have any. You cannot wait 6 months or more when the bank threatens to foreclose within 90 days and you have 20 days left.

The ACP Home Investment Difference: They pay fast cash. As fast as two weeks and you have cash to pay the bank.

  1. DISPOSING OF INHERITED PROPERTY. As much as you want to preserve the property lovingly given to you, practical reality dictates that you either live there and give up your current home, rent it out or sell it. It’s difficult to protect the house from criminals and petty thieves.

The ACP Home Investment Difference: They will help you sort it out and do the necessary transactions remotely. You don’t need to fly all the way to do it personally.

  1. NO CLEANING NEEDED. You don’t need to clean or hire a cleaning service to make your house pristine for the investor to see. Investors have a keen eye for property appraisal, clean or not. You don’t need to lift a finger.

The ACP Home Investment Difference: You don’t need to put out more cash for your house for cleaning. Pack your things, leave the ones you don’t need, it’s all up to you. That’s all you need to do.

  1. NO COMMISSIONS. You don’t need to pay commissions for seling your house since it’s a direct transaction with the buyer. All the cas offered is yours alone to keep.

The ACP Home Investment Difference: No processing fees or any hidden fees. All cash offered will be paid in whole.

For all of these reasons, selling for fast cash is the best option to kick-start the changes one aims for. ACP Home Investments is a Real Estate Investor offering the opportunity for you to make the necessary changes you need FAST. NOW.

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